Arizona Section History

In May 1916 there were only two ARRL members in Arizona. By 1922 there were many members in Arizona and the ARRL now had Division Managers.  In 1922 the position of Assistant Division Manager (ADM) was created as part of the Operating Department of the ARRL. The first ADM was:

H.L.Gooding 6ZZ Douglas December 1922 – December 1925

In 1925 the ADM was part of the Traffic Department of the ARRL. The division was now called the Pacific Division and was managed by M.E. McCreery, 6ANL-6LJ, of Los Angeles. The Pacific Division included Arizona, Nevada, California and Hawaii. The ADM’s were:

D.B. Lamb W6ANO Mesa December 1926 – December 1929
Russ Shortman W6BWS Phoenix January 1930 – July 1931

In 1931 the position of Section Communication Manager was formed under the ARRL Communications Department. This area was called the Pacific Division and included, Hawaii, Nevada, Los Angeles, Santa Clara Valley, San Francisco, Sacramento Valley, Arizona, Philippines and San Diego.
The first two SCM’s were:

Earnest Mendoza W6BJF-W6QC Phoenix August 1931 – August 1935
C.C. Day W6LVG Vail September 1935 - September 1937

In Nov 1935 the Pacific Division was split and the Southwestern Division was formed and included Los Angeles, Arizona and San Diego was formed.
The SCM’s were:

Victor C. Clark W6KFC Phoenix October 1937 - June 1939
Cameron Allen W6OIF Phoenix July 1939 – October 1939
MarsonB Hull W6KMM Phoenix October 1939 – November 1940
John K. Oliver W6KOL Nogalas December 1940 – July 1942
Douglas W6RWW Prescott August 1942 - February 1946

In 1948 Arizona became part of the 7th call area.
The Section Communications Manager’s were:

Gladden C. Elliott W7MLL Tucson March 1946 - May 1950
Jim Kennedy W7MID Phoenix June 1950 - May 1952
Albert Steinbrecher W7LVR Tucson June 1952 – May 1956
Cameron A. Allen W7OIF Phoenix June 1956 – March 1960
Kenneth P. Cole W7QZH Phoenix April 1960 – March 1964
Floyd C. Colyar W7FKK Phoenix April 1964 – September 1968
Gary Hamman W7CAF Phoenix October 1968 - August 1974

In 1974 the title was shorted to Section Manager.
The Section Managers are:

Marshall Lincoln W7DQS Wickenburg September 1974 - March 1979
Willard Haskell AC7D Tucson April 1979 - March 1981
Erich Holzer N7EH Tucson April 1981 - March 1985
James E. Swafford W7FF Tucson April 1985 - March 1991
Bernie Sasek W0YOY Tucson April 1991 - March 1993
Clifford Hauser KD6XH Tucson April 1993 – March 2005
Thomas J. Fagan K7DF Tucson April 2005 - March 2013
Robert Spencer KE8DM Yuma April 2013 - March 2017
Richard A. Paquette W7RAP Tucson April 2017 -

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