SM Article for February 2002 QST

Art Goddard, W6XD, our new ARRL division director plans to be at the Scottsdale hamfest on March 09. The Scottsdale amateur radio club will hold its "Spring Hamfest" on 09 March 2002 at the Scottsdale community college. Stop by the ARRL booth (normally my truck) and talk with me on your suggestions to improve amateur radio within the state. I also need many more volunteers to help with the many duties involved within the state (i.e. Technical support, ECís, etc). We have seen an increase in the need for amateur radio emergency communications planning since last fall. Are you Prepared? Has your message handling capability improved? If not, then join the many state emergency nets and help out your community and our state in preparation for emergencies. It is not if an emergency will occur, but only when. There have been a few complaints about the language used on several repeaters throughout the state. Remember that we are suppose to be responsible people and talking over a repeater is the same as talking HF. The FCC rulebook defines the prohibited language that is not recommended. Being courteous towards others and this will help promote the viture of amateur radio. Remember that we represent an elite group of people throughout the world who share a common interest/hobby. We should be good examples to the rest of the world. I am trying to put together a folder on how others (individuals and/or clubs) have fought the CC&Rís throughout the state. It does not matter if you won or lost, I am trying to obtain information. I have been asked by several people for this type of information, so they can fight antenna restrictions in their area. We need to band together and see if we can change this restriction on antennas. If you have been successful or not, please call me and provide any documentation you used. I will make this documentation available to others. Donít forget to checkout our state web site at This site has all the latest state information and links to the many clubs here in Arizona, throughout the country, and has the latest listing or all the ARRL volunteerís for this section, club listings, and links to other activities. If your club or organization has changed officerís or address, I need to know so I can keep up with my "Club Listing" up-to-date. There will be a hamfest on March 09, 2002 at the Scottsdale Community College, on April 13,2002 at DeVry, then on May 04, 2002 in Sierra Vista. My present plan calls for me to be at these events. 73ís Clifford Hauser KD6XH.