SM Article for September 2002 QST

After the Show Low Fire Support, Fort Tuthill, and the Southwest Convention, I am not sure what can be done for further excitement. But I know that with the fall comes the start of our community service events (i.e. Phoenix Bike Tour, etc). I hope you have sharpened your radio procedure skills. This month is the Kingman Hamfest, 28 September 2002, at the Mohave county Community College. Talk-in will be on 146.76 (-) (PL 131.8). This is an ARCA and ARRL sponsored event. All necessary information and directions can be obtained on their web site,, or you can call Bob Kimbrell, W7KU, at 928-692-5440. I have received many calls from new hams requesting information about local clubs. If your club is not listed on the state web site or the information is not correct, please contact me or Bruce Makas, K1MY, so the changes can be made. I would like this list to be complete and accurate. Our e-mail address is "OUR CALL" If your club or organization has a special event or function coming up please let me know so I can make sure it gets into this article and on the web site. We need to advertise to ourselves as well as others whenever possible. It appears that the Central Arizona DX Club will sponsor the 2004 ARRL Southwest convention. The location in the Phoenix area for this convention has not been determined so stay tuned for details. The section ARRL volunteers and their positions are listed on the state web site,, please review this listing and let me know if corrections are needed. Tom Fagan, WB7NXH, is the webmaster he has been adding information and links when necessary. Keep up the good work Tom. Even though Field Day was a live event for many of our North Eastern Arizona clubs, the following clubs submitted Field day messages to me: Radio Society of Tucson, Cochise Amateur Radio Association, Hualapai Amateur Radio Association, and Eastern Arizona Amateur Radio Association. Many other clubs participated but these four (4) are the only clubs I received any message traffic from. Also start planning for the Fall Hamfest at Mesa Community College on 07 December 2002. See you in Kingman on the 28th. Clifford Hauser, KD6XH